Our Product Recommendations

Tried and tested products that we have used in our cattery and personally recommend for your new Bengal. 

Get a cat exercise wheel!


Bengals are a high-energy breed. The wheel will give them an outlet for their energy, rather than climbing all over your furniture.


The one I get is at this website:https://onefastcat.com/


There is also another good option here:http://www.gocatwheel.net It is more expensive though.



Also, get a cat tree. Bengals love climbing on high places and this will help keep them off your dressers and shelves. Many cat trees also have scratching posts included.



And for toys, make sure to get a feather wand. Bengals absolutely love these! My favorite is Go Cat's DaBird feather wand toy. It is high-quality and very durable.

DaBird on Amazon

Bengals are a very mentally active breed. So when looking for toys, look for puzzle boxes and other types of games made to challenge your cat's smarts.

This is a good example of a puzzle toy: https://www.catit.com/shop/treat-puzzle/


If you can afford it, Catit Senses is a very good line that I have bought from in the past. Their products are kind of expensive, but they are very well made and have put up with a lot of use. I especially recommend their Food Tree, Circuit Track, and water fountain.





If you get the Catit Senses Food Tree, put a heavy weight on the base, or tie it to something because they will knock it over!

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